“I love this room… its screams our brand. It’s where all the magic happens! We’re lucky Edison Foard got our project. They were, from the very beginning, professional and excited about being on this project. It was nice that we had our own independent contractor aside from the master project. Matt Bass, David Pofahl and all the group, were phenomenal in their ability to deliver and stay calm under pressure… which is probably not spoken about enough. It was a very, very aggressive time frame, but we had to get it done and they delivered!! So its fantastic! Thanks so much!”
Tera Black, Chief Operating Officer, Charlotte Checkers
“GOOD NEWS! The newly expanded/renovated ladies restrooms were enthusiastically received last evening. We were able to get the LONG line through in record time – 10 minutes as opposed to still having ladies waiting when the show restarts after 20 minutes. It was a very exciting evening for BPA. I want to thank each of you at Edison Foard for your part in making this happen for us – and for the spirit of cooperation and teamwork we have experienced. Again… thank you, thank you!”
Joyce Ford, Executive Vice President, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center